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Latest News

Marching Band Opener & Ballad (as of 6/23/16)

Parts for Brass and Woodwinds are now available in the MEMBERS ONLY section of the website.  If you need access, please contact Mr. Owens to get the new login information.  

New GOOGLE Calendar

The Google Calendar is now active.  And just like that, we're up and running!!!  Please use the calendar and the UPCOMING EVENTS Agenda to stay informed on our Band activities and events (rehearsals, performances, camps, etc...).  Remember, things may change but this is a great starting point for all of our activities for 2016-17!

If you want to subscribe to this calendar now, please use the following link for iCAL devices.

It's Grill Season!!! Come shop with us

OK, so we all like to eat!  And most people like to have steaks, burgers, chicken, pork and seafood cooked to perfection.  Well no matter how you like it prepared, you have the chance to get some CHOICE CUT products from Butcher's Choice of Atlanta, Inc. - a vendor located right here in Gwinnett County!

How does it work? Glad you asked.  All you have to do is place an order for quality meats and support the Mountain View Band at the same time.  Here's the BROCHURE & ORDER FORM.  You can place the order yourself by contacting Butcher's Choice directly (information is in packet).  The band will have a date set for delivery (first one on May 11th) where he will be here with your order OR you can arrange a time to go by Butcher's Choice for more options.

What all is included?  You have to check out the BROCHURE & ORDER FORM.  There are great variety packs for beef, pork, chicken and seafood PLUS, if you decide to go to Butcher's Choice (located in Lawrenceville) you have the opportunity to personalize or order a little more.

How much is it?  Again, check out the BROCHURE & ORDER FORM.  There are options for FULL CASE and HALF CASE (again, see the Brochure).  The food is comparable to the type you would get in fine restaurants and is still around market price (or less).  So you can get enough food for your family (sold by the case) or get ready for the neighborhood cookout and not spend a whole lot of money!  It's truly a great deal - you get quality food that you can enjoy all while helping the families of the Band Program.

I'm in Band, how does this help me?  Well if you sell two cases, you have met your March/Spin a Thon required fundraiser for Marching Band and every FULL case after that, you earn $60 to help with your band expenses.  No, you don't have to be in Marching Band to participate.  Money earned can help with trips and other band related expenses. This fundraiser will be going on all year so people can buy now and continue to purchase as needed throughout the whole year and you continue to earn credit when they do.  Again, people like to eat and this is quality meats just in time for the summer!!!

So what do I do next?  You guess it, check out the BROCHURE & ORDER FORM, decide what you want and place your order and then wait to have it delivered to you or visit Butcher's Choice and get yours before our next delivery date (or afterwards too if you finish the whole case - we're not judging).  If you decide to order directly from Butcher's Choice, be sure to indicate what student/family so that they can receive the credit.

It's just that easy.  Band families, spread the word and encourage people to shop for their quality meats with the Band and Butcher's Choice and they can keep ordering all year long.  So, let's get ready for GRILL SEASON (or baked, broiled, fried) and have an AMAZING YEAR!!!!

Didn't get the chance to register yet?

It's not too late!!!   Please just be sure to go to the MEMBERS tab above and click on the REGISTRATION INFORMATION link.  That will take you to the Online Form as well as all the necessary paperwork for students who wish to participate with next year's Marching Band (Color Guard, Drumline) as well as those who will be participating in class (Percussion Class, Concert Band, Symphonic Band and Wind Symphony).  

It's important that we get this information so that I can communicate with you so please fill it out and return it as soon as possible.

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Payments may be sent into school with your student to be dropped off in the Payment Box near Mr. Owens' office or you can mail them to MVBA directly at:


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Remember, that any CASH payments should be given directly to Mr. Owens so that a receipt can be issued.