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Scrip Fund Raising Program

We are pleased to be partnering with Shop With Scrip!!! Shop With Scrip is a unique way to earn money on your student’s account by spending money on items you already purchase. How?? By paying with gift cards.

 Every month we budget money for gas, clothes, food, etc. and purchase these items.  With Scrip, you purchase gift cards with the money you would spend on these items and then pay using the gift cards all while earning money for your fees and other band activities.

For more info on how you can order at any time, CLICK HERE.

Kroger Rewards Fund Raiser


The Band has partnered up with Kroger and all you have to do is shop there.  But not just you, any family member in the country who shops at Kroger can help our program simply by registering their Plus Card and indicating our Program as a beneficiary.  Please read the letter below for directions on how this fund raiser will benefit out program beyond just our own community!

IF YOU ENROLLED BEFORE AUGUST 1, 2016, Kroger requires that you register again.  It will only take a few minutes but please sign up and encourage your friends and family all over the country to help pledge their support to our program.  It does not take away from their points in any way so help spread the word!  Also, there is a TYPO with Kroger, when searching for us, we're listed as MOUTAIN VIEW (missing an "N" in mountain" - it's ok, we're still in the system and you can help us!)


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Need to make a payment?


Payments may be sent into school with your student to be dropped off in the Payment Box near Mr. Owens' office or you can mail them to MVBA directly at:


P.O. Box 490964

Lawrenceville, GA 30049


Remember, that any CASH payments should be given directly to Mr. Owens so that a receipt can be issued.