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Kroger Rewards Fund Raiser


The Band has partnered up with Kroger and all you have to do is shop there.  But not just you, any family member in the country who shops at Kroger can help our program simply by registering their Plus Card and indicating our Program as a beneficiary.  Please read the letter below for directions on how this fund raiser will benefit out program beyond just our own community!


What's the difference between March/Spin and Sponsors?

March-a-Thon/Spin-a-thon VS Sponsors


We have received several questions regarding the difference between the march-a-thon/spin-a-thon and GALA requirements. Hopefully this will help answer these questions.


Let’s start with the march-a-thon/spin-a-thon.  Every family is required to raise $100 to go towards the general budget.  Students can write letters to family and friends asking for their support.  If students receive $300 from their letter writing campaign then they get $200 towards their account.  We use the 3 rehearsals over the summer for the march-a-thon/spin-a-thon.  If a student attends all 3 rehearsals they will easily march/spin 100 steps/rotations.  If you ask for $1 step you are covered.  We have tried having an actual day to do this but have found it difficult for students to attend so it is in everyone’s best interest to use the 3 rehearsals.

Why would anyone want to support my child? Hopefully because they love them : ))  but we are also a 501c3 so the entire donation is tax deductible.  Many people do not like purchasing items in fundraisers so this is perfect for them.  Can a business contribute to my child’s march/spin? Yes, however they will not receive any of the sponsor benefits.

Have your student start writing letters today!!  There is a sample letter on the website just be sure to personalize it before you send it out (sample letter will be added to REGISTRATION TAB 5/21). Don’t wait – just get it done now and wait for the donations to come in.  Every year we see donations come in from family, friends, former teachers, and members at church.  Don’t just ask grandma!!


The GALA requirement is 4 tickets or a corporate sponsor (depending on level).  There are several ways to go about doing this.  First, you can simply purchase 4 tickets @$30 apiece.  This will give you 4 tickets to the event which includes dinner, chips to play the casino games, the ability to win fabulous prizes!!

OR, you can obtain a corporate sponsor.  There are different levels of corporate sponsors so please read carefully so we are all on the same page.

$50 – $249: this will not cover your GALA requirement/student earns %20 of amount given

$250- $499 – this will cover ½ of your GALA requirement/student earns 20% of amount given.

So, you can obtain 2 sponsors at this level to meet your requirement or obtain 1 and purchase 2 tickets.

$500 - $999: this will meet your GALA requirement/student earns 20% of amount given.

$1000 and up – this level will meet your GALA requirement/student earns 20% of amount given.

You can find the corporate sponsors forms on the band website on the MVBA tab under Become a Sponsor. 


Have your student write a letter asking for their sponsorship and explain why band is important to them

Give ideas to the business such as employee appreciation, customer appreciation, or a night out with clients

Let them know it is being held at the Gwinnett Center – easy to get to/plenty of parking


If your student decides to go out and try to get sponsors in person, please coach them before they do this.  One of our sponsors told us last year that they WILL NOT give to kids that come in with a large group, are not dressed appropriately, do not speak clearly, are rude, and have poor hygiene.  It is best if they are wearing band clothing like the polo with dress pants. 

Also, branch out to companies that are in Atlanta or not right the school.  Most of our sponsors last year were located in Atlanta and the Roswell area. 

Most of all, BE POSITIVE!!! If finding sponsors isn’t your thing, think about a ladies group, a poker group, reading club or some type of group that meets and suggest this as a night out.

If you have any more questions please just shoot us an EMAIL

2015-16 Fine Arts Classes

Students and Parents, I understand that some concerns have come up with classes for next year.  I wanted to let you know that as Department Chair, I'm working with the Curriculum Office to get students in the correct class.  Some students may be signed up for Chorus but need Band or vice versa, I have spoken with the Fine Arts Department here at MVHS and we are asking that if you have issues, please send them to the HS teacher or myself so that I can compile one list to work with the Curriculum Office.  

Also, remember that the schedule you received this week is simply a DRAFT and is meant to only confirm what classes you are enrolled for the Fall.  This is not indicating what period only that you have a Math, Science, Language Arts, Band/Chorus/Orchestra etc... class.  Again, if you have questions, feel free to contact Mr. Owens so that I can work on corrections with the school before August.



Mr. Owens

How Marching Band prepares you for the CORPORATE WORLD?!?!?!

I know that we can tout the importance of participating in Band but here's an article from the perspective of someone who has worked in the Business world and why students who participate in Marching Band make the best candidates for jobs in the Corporate World.  Please read through and share with others because what we do matters.  It matters so much to our students, our school and our community so let's make sure people know why their support is vital!

10+ Values Marching Band Students Learn and Why You Should Hire Them (John Gardner)

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Need to make a payment?


Payments may be sent into school with your student to be dropped off in the Payment Box near Mr. Owens' office or you can mail them to MVBA directly at:


P.O. Box 490964

Lawrenceville, GA 30049


Remember, that any CASH payments should be given directly to Mr. Owens so that a receipt can be issued.