Executive Board

Exec Board members can be reached by email at MVBA@mtnviewband.com 


2016-17 Executive Board

Position Parent Volunteer
President Tim England                     
Member at Large Dal Pettaway
CFO Melissa Burtt
Lead Treasurer Lisa Gyenes
Asstistant Treasurer Brian Weiner
Secretary Shelley Hennon


Our Goal and Purpose

The Mountain View Band Association is a 501c3 organization dedicated to working with Mr. Owens in bringing the best opportunities and experiences to ALL of the students in the Mountain View HS Band Program.  Since 2009 when Mountain View HS opened it's doors, the Band Program has worked with students of all levels but the goal has been the same - to provide the best quality instruction and musical opportunities to the students.

MVBA strives to aid the Band Program through fund raisers, community outreach and recruitment, as well as encouragement and family support.  Whether it is through concert performance attendance, monthly meetings or volunteering for concessions, parties, chaperones, etc... MVBA is a integral part of the Band.  Students who know they have a strong support base with parents and community members achieve more.

MVBA membership is open to all parents of students in the HS Band Program.  While community members and businesses are able to show their support and participate, voting privileges are reserved only for those whose students are currently enrolled in the Program.  If you would like to know more about how you can get involved, please contact the MVBA Executive Board by email.

You may also contact MVBA by US Postal Services at:

MVBA / PO Box 490964 / Lawrenceville, GA 30049

MVBA Financial Policies

The Financial Policies for MVBA are here for you to download and review.  Please be sure that you are familiar with these policies.

MVBA Financial Policies

Parent Expectations

Building a stronger program… STEP by STEP

What expectations are there for me as a parent/guardian of a Mountain View Band member?


1.      First and foremost, BE POSITIVE AND SUPPORTIVE! Your student has elected to participate in this program and with that has made a commitment (time, physical, emotional and financial).  Help them realize this and remember this commitment even when they have bad days.  You should attend performances; encourage them to practice at home and know their part; they should be on time, all the time – all of this so that they are able to contribute to the success of the program.  Finally, make sure they know you are there to help and expect them to fulfill their commitment to themselves and the other students involved.  It’s a life skill they need to learn now!!!

2.      Stay informed!  Our primary means of communication is the Band Website.  Mr. Owens updates the website with announcements and calendar of activities/rehearsals.  However, take the time each day to view it yourself & ask your student what was said after rehearsal has dismissed.  Mr. Owens goes over announcements EVERY DAY regarding upcoming activities, fund raisers, performances, etc…  While it’s not always possible to know the exact schedule for some performances until closer to time, the goal is always to give as much notice as possible.

3.      Encourage your student to do his/her best.  Not just in rehearsals or performances, but with promoting the band and making sure they are never tearing down other students or the program itself.  This goes back to #1, if you’re positive and you encourage them to be positive, it will allow our reputation to grow and encourage others to participate and this program will take off and become even better!

4.      Get involved. Students may say they’ll get embarrassed if you show up and volunteer, but the thing is that in order for them to have a wonderful experience, we need an army of volunteers who are willing to listen and able to follow through with directions provided by Mr. Owens for the program.  Students want to have a memorable time in band and in order to do that, they need to have people around who will help and support them. As director, Mr. Owens is always looking to push this program to the next level and for that, he needs to have parents who support and build up his vision so that all students can benefit.  If you’re not exactly sure how to get involved, ask!  You can contact Mr. Owens or the MVBA Executive Board but don’t expect others to simply do it for you.  You may have a talent or be able to do something that will benefit the entire program and all you need to do is offer your services and make yourself available and willing to serve.

5.      Buy into the Band’s mission and goals.  STEP UP.  Mr. Owens is working to instill in each student this ideal.  S – Spirt; T – Tradition; E – Excellence; P – Pride.  Students are asked to support each other and the program (Spirit); they are asked to do the right thing consistently until failure is not an option (Tradition); they are asked to work their very best today, and then strive to be better tomorrow (Excellence); they are expected to be positive about this program and encourage others to do the same (Pride).  If we all buy into the STEP mentality, the only place we can go is UP.

6.      S.T.E.P. UP!