Is Color Guard for you?

The Color Guard is a vital component to the Band Program at Mountain View.  In the Fall, members of the Guard participate in the Fall Guard and add visual impact to the show.  Using flags, rifles and sabers, the Guard helps to tell the story of each show.  Each year, the theme or show concept may change, which will cause the choreography to change but the main goal of beuaty and pageantry is always the same.  Fall Guard auditions usually take place in March preceeding the Fall and members of the Fall group are encouraged to commit to the program because it does take a great deal of time, effort and energy but it is worth it because the experience of performing and working/meeting new people who share a common goal is immeasureable.  Although Fall Guard is typically over with the Football season, the Marching Band will continue to participate in parades and other performances where the Fall Guard is still needed.  

The other component to the Color Guard Program is the Winter Guard.  When  the competitive portion of Marching Band comes to an end, participants in the Guard program are able to continue building their skills by participating in the Winter Guard.  The Winter Guard usually starts up in October/November and competes in regional competitions from January through late March/early April.  The competitions are held inside gymnasiums and are performed to pre-recorded music.  The skills learned in Fall Guard are essential but Winter Guard is open for others to join as well depending on your schedule.  Over the last few years, the Mountain View Winter Guard program has included students from the Fall Guard and those who wish to learn about the activity during the winter season.  For more information about how you can participate in the Winter Guard, just contact Mr. Owens.

The Guard is a complete and year round activity that provides performance/competition opportunities for boys and girls grades 9-12.  If you want to learn more about our program, simply contact Mr. Owens or speak to one of our current members.  Color Guard is important; it's athletic and it's a lot of hard work and fun!  Don't miss out on your opportunity to participate so find out now how you can be a part of the Color Guard!