Shop With Scrip - NEW INFO, PLEASE READ BELOW (3/3/2017)

We are pleased to be partnering with Shop With Scrip!!! Shop With Scrip is a unique way to earn money on your student’s account by spending money on items you already purchase. How?? By paying with gift cards.

 Every month we budget money for gas, clothes, food, etc. and purchase these items.  With Scrip, you purchase gift cards with the money you would spend on these items and then pay using the gift cards.

 How do we earn money? It’s simple!! Each gift card earns a % back from Scrip.  Every card has its own % that it earns.  Attached are the cards and denominations available for purchase along with the % you will earn.

The basic concept behind scrip:
•    The retailers sell the certificates at a discount
•    Families buy the certificates at full face value and redeem them for full face value
•    Your organization gets the difference as revenue

“How many of you spend at least $75 a week on groceries?”
“How many of you spend $50 a month on clothing?”
“How many of you spend $25 a week on gasoline?”
“How many of you spend $50 a month dining out?

Think about what you spend each week on the following:

Food    $125/week x 4 =     $500/month
Clothing            $ 50/month
Gas    $25/week x 4 =    $100/month
Dining out            $ 50/month

Total            $700/month x 12 months = $8400/year

 5% is the average portion of each scrip purchase that is earned by an organization with every scrip purchase.  So, an average family, using these modest spending levels, would earn $420 each year!!!A family that works at the program by focusing their spending on scrip participating retailers can earn much more!

 To earn even more money, ask your family and friends to purchase their gift cards through you.  You can double your profits!!

 This is an amazing way to pay for your band fees and other band related activities like trips, etc…  This program does require you to plan ahead but provides a great way to earn money by purchasing the items you already do.

HOW TO SET UP SCRIP ACCOUNT: – this will enable you to purchase online with the choice to pay by check or presto pay

1.         Log on to
2.         Click the “register” button on top of page
3.         Click “join a scrip program”
4.         You will need the band’s enrollment code:  contact for this information - we are unable to post our information on the website so please (even if you've ordered prior to March 2017, contact MVBA for our NEW organization code).
5.         Fill out the enrollment form

Choices to pay:
1.         You can order and write MVBA a check – this will take a little longer as MVBA will need to confirm that payment has been received.
2.         You can order and pay with PrestoPay.  Once this is set up you will automatically be able to get the scrip now cards.  They even have an app 
for fast ordering at restaurants and such.

Attached are some flyers that will also explain.  If you have any questions, please call SCRIP directly (their number is on the flyers).  
If you have the enrollment code handy they can walk you through registering.  Please note***PrestoPay can take several days to set up and obtain 


PrestoPay Promotional Material


Enrollment Code

If you shop with Kroger, help out our program!!!!


The Band has partnered up with Kroger and all you have to do is shop there.  But not just you, any family member in the country who shops at Kroger can help our program simply by registering their Plus Card and indicating our Program as a beneficiary.  Please read the letter below for directions on how this fund raiser will benefit out program beyond just our own community!

IF YOU ENROLLED BEFORE AUGUST 1, 2016, Kroger requires that you register again.  It will only take a few minutes but please sign up and encourage your friends and family all over the country to help pledge their support to our program.  It does not take away from their points in any way so help spread the word!  Also, there is a TYPO with Kroger, when searching for us, we're listed as MOUTAIN VIEW (missing an "N" in mountain" - it's ok, we're still in the system and you can help us!)


Do you use AMAZON SMILE?

If you shop Amazon for anything, please use this link below to place your order and it will come back to support our Band Program!  Anyone can use it so please share with others!


Mountain View Band Association Amazon Link