What is the Band Chant?

What does it mean and why do we say it?  If you want to know the words so you can say it with us, click on the link below and find out how you can help spread the WHITE CHOCOLATE spirit that fuels energy within our community.  

What do we do?     We climb

What do we climb?      This MOUNTAIN

Why do we climb?     To get a better VIEW

Who are we?      Mountain View

Who's Strong?     Da' Bears (thank you Mike Ditka)

Who's Mighty?     Da' Bears

Who Rocks?       This Band



(and what do we eat?......... WHITE CHOCOLATE)

These words are shouted at our games as a battle cry to tell everyone who we are and why we are proud to be Mountain View.  The road to the top is one filled with trials but anyone who has ever been there will tell you, it's worth the climb.  When we say the chant, we reaffirm our belief that we are part of something different and something special.  Our school community is built on support from the students, staff, families and supporters and as a Band - we will do everything we can to press on and always encourage ourselves and those around us to be the very best.